What’s The Best Bass Fishing Lure?

Anyone that’s had the experience of landing a few bass wants to catch a lot more. The next thing that happens after that is, they want to know what the best bass fishing lure is.

How many times have you heard or read about a lure that works great for bass and went right to the nearest tackle store and got some?

Did it live up to your expectations? More than likely you were disappointed.

Too many Bass fisherman try lure after lure hoping to discover that allusive bass lure that’s absolutely irresistible to bass. Their tackle box is full of the best bass lures that haven’t worked for them. Well I have the answer for you. It’s the one that catches the most bass for YOU.

It’s your confidence lure. Before you dismiss these words of wisdom as an over simplification, let me explain further. Your confidence lure is a lure that catches bass because for what ever reason you are doing something right and it works.

The problem isn’t finding the best bass fishing lure. It’s finding the best lure for the situation and using the right technique at the right time in the right place.

Getting back to the original reason why everyone wants the best lure:

How do you catch more fish?

Catching more fish is a learning process combined with time on the water. The first thing to learn is how to find fish. Where are they and why. Once you know how to find fish half the problem is solved.

Bass want three things:

  1. Food
  2. Comfort
  3. Cover

These three things are different for different bodies of water and change with conditions. Successful bass anglers research and study a body of water to determine the most likely spots to find bass.

Not every good spot will hold fish all the time. It depends on several other factors. The time of year, weather and several other elements all play into solving the equation.

It becomes a skill to assess the situation, decide on a game plan and fish it to the best of your ability. Plan your fish and fish your plan.

As you develop your skills you will find certain confidence lures that work for you in various situations. These will always be the best bass lures for you. Once you find something that works learn everything you can about why it works.

Each time you learn something that works you own it. Continue to build your knowledge base. Don’t ever stop learning. Catching more fish is the benefit you will acquire based on the effort you put in to it.

Tight lines and mega strikes,
Randy Meyers