Bass Fishing Tips – The Best Times To Fish For Bass?

Every aspiring Bass angler wants to know the best times to fish for Bass.

Bass have a natural instinct when it’s favorable for them to feed. It’s based on the likelihood of their success.

The likelihood of feeding success for Bass occurs in a couple of situations

  • When Bass sense that a target is within reach of a successful attack
  • Under low light conditions because it’s more difficult for their prey to sense their presence

Bass can be caught anytime during the day but low light conditions of dawn and dusk is a major trigger for them to feed. Bass are conditioned to strike when you present a bait within striking range during this time. It’s their natural instinctive response.

Bass are primarily opportunity feeders. Although they periodically cruise looking for food they mostly will seek out cover or structure, waiting for an opportunity.

Cover could be a shaded spot, vegetation, brush or anything that helps to conceal their presence. This is their preferred method of hunting. It also conserves energy for them.

There are several other reasons to consider when Bass are likely to feed. Certain conditions can trigger a feed. It does vary with the location to an extent though. Sometimes it can be the direction of a steady wind blowing against the shoreline. Or a change from bright sun to cloud cover. It’s not necessarily anything that you can count on all the time either.

Often Bass will feed on an approaching weather front with a drop in barometric pressure.

A falling barometric pressure causes plankton to move out and up in the water column. This attracts baitfish which triggers the Bass to feed on the baitfish.

Some bass anglers swear by the use of solunar tables to predict major and minor feeding times. There’s no conclusive evidence one way or the other on the use of solunar tables. The only thing we know for a fact is that the sun and moon does have biological effects on living things.

Here’s my bass fishing tips you can use just on the basis of generally good times during the day to fish for Bass.

  • Fish late afternoon during the coldest seasons
  • Fish midday between the hours of 10 and 2 during cool, mild weather seasons
  • Fish at dusk and dawn during warm weather
  • Fish at night between 1am and 3am during the hottest days of summer

Believe me when I say these are hot tips for the best times to fish for bass. Use them as a rule and I guarantee your catch rate will go up. Combined with a good understanding of bass behavior and you’ll start getting pro-bass fishing results.

One last fishing tip you can use. In another post I did on getting reaction strikes using laser lures you can see how bass go crazy for them. Try one of these laser lures at dawn or dusk within range of any bass and you’ll take your limit home in a hurry (that is unless you prefer catch and release).

Other than the information I have provided here, there’s no substitute for time on the water to learn when the best times are to fish for bass. Use this information and your own experience as your guide.