Bass Fishing Tips For Plastic Baits

Plastic Baits AKA Jerkbaits. Here’s a Few Good Tips For Jerkbaits

Floating Jerkbaits vs. Sinking

Not all plastic jerkbaits will indicate whether they float or sink on the package. This is something you’ll want to know before deciding how it will be rigged and how it will be fished. Test them in a bucket of water and mark the package with a permanent marker.

There’s two situations where I would use a floating jerkbait. Obviously the first situation is anytime you are fishing topwater over floating vegetation. Not so obvious is when you are using a drop shot rig.

I’ll explain why. Let’s say you setup a plastic worm on a drop shot rig. A drop shot rig is fished by moving it a little at a time, twitching it and pausing it in position before moving a few feet again.

If you rigged the drop shot with a sinking worm it would hang down unnaturally in the pause position before it’s twitched. Whereas a floating worm will stay suspended naturally. So when you twitch it before moving again, it suspends nicely in a natural position just like any live bait would.

Knowing this one tip would make a big difference in your hookup rate when using the drop shot rig, I’m not saying you wouldn’t get hookups with a sinking jerkbait, just that a floating jerkbait will produce a higher percentage of hookups.

Drop Shot Rig

Dropshot Rig – Floating vs. Sinking Jerkbait

Choosing Colors For Plastic Baits

There are hundreds of color variations to choose from amongst several manufacturers of plastic baits. You can’t own them all or even think of switching many different colors out to find a pattern that works in a given situation.

So what’s the answer? Think dark color vs. light. Now think a few choices of each. Probably three colors for stained water and three for clear. This tip will save you plenty of time (and money) in determining a successful pattern when fishing plastics.

What Size & Type To Buy?

Size and type can be a personal preference. You should at least have some worms. After that maybe lizards and grubs. It not as important as some of the other things mentioned above.

If there’s one piece of advice I could give you on type would be to “match the hatch”. In other words use whatever jerkbait closely resembles the prevalent bait in the area.

Scented Jerkbaits

I’m completely sold on Berkley Gulp. Fish will eat it like it’s the real thing. One important thing to realize about scented baits in regard to bass fishing is that it does not attract bass in from a distance. Bass strikes are triggered by sight and sound. What it does do is make a bass want to hold on to your scented bait because they think it’s the real thing. You have a much better chance to set the hook when a bass doesn’t want to let go. Without using a scented lure there’s always a chance that a fish will spit it out before you can set the hook.

This is especially important when using topwater plugs. Sometimes a bass will miss the plug but get a taste of the bait and come back and nail it. You always want to wait until you feel the fish before setting the hook

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