Skip Casting Technique Explained

This is such a hot technique because the presentation represents the natural appearance of bait jumping to escaping a predator. Skipping bait is not that easy to learn. That’s why you won’t find too many Bass fisherman that do it. This is one casting technique you shouldn’t overlook though because of opportunities to work hot spots for Bass that would otherwise be inaccessible.

I’m talking about under docks, low hanging cover and getting in deep under obstructions, close to the strike zone of waiting fish.

I’ll explain what to do so you have an idea how to practice but watch the video to see it actually done.

The Skip Casting Technique Explained Here

It’s easier to master if you start with a spinning rod. This technique requires a quick, sharp cast, low to the surface of the water.

Aim for a spot to make first contact with the surface about half way to your target destination. With practice you’ll soon be able to skip a lure right in to the target with the last skip. With enough practice you will develop a feel for distance and accuracy.

A good bait to practice (or fish ) with is a Zoom Fluke. The technique is identical to skipping a stone. You just substitute a spinning rod and bait.

Watch This Skip Casting Video To Learn How To Do It

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