Six Jig Fishing Tips For Bass And More

Flippin Jig

Jigs Should Be One Of Your Go To Lures When Nothing Else Seems To Work

If there’s one bass lure you need to master it should be the jig because it’s so effective in so many different situations. Here’s six jig fishing tips for bass I’d like to give you.

  1. You must keep your line taunt at all times in order to feel when it’s been picked up by a fish. It’s especially important when the jig is sinking on a pause in your retrieve. Most of the time bass will strike a jig during the fall. Your line only needs to be tight enough to keep the slack out of it. If your line goes slack while a fish hits it they may spit it out and you will miss the bite.
  2. Watch your line closely on the fall when it enters the water. It may have been picked up if it stops sinking unexpectedly. It takes a little practice to know when it has been picked up but it’s not that hard to learn if you pay attention.
  3. Any unnatural movement in your line while you work the jig may indicate that the jig has been sucked in. It could be just a funny twitch or a sideways movement that will give you an indication to set the hook.
  4. You have to spend time fishing a jig to learn these subtle indications of a bite. You need to be ready to set the hook right away without hesitation. Of course you should be wearing polarized glasses to observe any line movement.
  5. When using a jig it helps to be using high viz line with a low viz leader. Avoid using any hardware like snaps or swivels. Tie the jig directly to your leader with a loop knot so the action isn’t restricted like it would be with a tight knot.
  6. If your not getting any strikes experiment with different retrieves. Try going slower if the water is colder or faster in warmer water. Develop a variety of patterns that you can use to determine what works. Different conditions require different patterns. Work each pattern in your arsenal until you get a strike. With more experience you will learn which pattern to use under different situations.

There’s more to learn about jig fishing for bass

An entire book could be dedicated to jigs and fishing with them for bass.The tips I gave you here are a good start but there’s one more thing I can tell you that will more than double your hookups and all but eliminate the chance that your jig will get spit out.

The reason an artificial bait gets rejected after the initial bite is taste and scent. You can give your jigs taste and scent by tipping them with Berkley’s pre-cut Gulp strips. You don’t have to use the whole strip. Just cut a piece off and tip the jig hook with it.

There’s a link below to Amazon where you can get them. I prefer to order my stuff from Amazon because it’s just so convenient.

Tight Lines & Mega Strikes,
Randy Meyers

PS Don’t let this get around. Keep the Gulp Strips thing to yourself


Watch The Video Below For Some Basic Methods To Setup A Jig

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