Quantum Catalyst PT

The Quantum Catalyst PT (Precision Tuned) is a top quality baitcasting reel designed  from top to bottom to deliver performance.

This is the go to reel when you’re ready to move up from an entry level product. Quantum pulled out all the stops on the design of the Catalyst.  It only weighs 7.5 ounces but it’s as rugged as they come.

Check Out The Quality Features Of This Reel

  • Ceramic drag system
  • Polymer-stainless hybrid Precision Tuned bearings
  • Easy-access lubrication port
  • Durable multi-coated finish
  • Lightweight aluminum crank handle
  • Titanium-coated line guide
  • One-piece aluminum frame
  • Quick-release side cover

The Quantum PT Technology Makes This A Superior Reel

UNYIELDING METAL CONSTRUCTION: All PT reels begin with single-piece aluminum frames, each machined with computer-guided precision, to hold all critical components in perfect alignment. We use special high-strength grades of aluminum to yield lightweight reels that will not flex even during heavy cranking.

CERAMICS DRAG SYSTEM: PT drag systems feature ultra-smooth heat-dissipating ceramic washers to dissipate heat during long runs. Combined with carbon fiber and stainless steel, Quantum PT drag systems are designed to take extreme punishment. We also use ceramics to reduce wear in our baitcast levelwind systems.

CUSTOM DESIGNED BEARINGS: Most reels use stock bearings made for other applications. Not ours. We designed our own high-grade stainless bearings to exact specs to minimize vibration and friction. Then we fit them in a special polymer cage for added sensitivity and corrosion protection.

NICKEL-TITANIUM BAIL: The only spinning reels with a Nickel-Titanium bail wire that never gets bent out of shape. And unlike traditional bail springs, our magnetic bail trip will never wear out — and it’s guaranteed for life.

TITANIUM FINISH: For maximum scratch protection, our advanced vacuum deposition coating bonds titanium molecules to the base metal of our Tour Edition PT baitcast and spinning reels, as well as our Energy PTi-B spinning reels.

ACCURATE BRAKING CONTROL: Quantum’s exclusive ACS™ system is now the cast control standard because it’s the most accurate braking system ever designed for baitcast reels. The external dial allows you to fine-tune the amount of centrifugal braking to perfectly match your fishing situation, without having to disassemble the reel.

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Quotes From Reviews Of The Catalyst PT Rate It At 4.8 Out of 5.0

“This is one fine reel”

“The first thing I noticed with this reel is how smooth it is on the retrieve and also how smooth the drag works.”

“Now this is a reel, i would recommend this for everyone. because of the way it casts, handles, and its quality name.”