Humminbird 798c SI Combo

This Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacturer

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The Humminbird 798c SI combo has excellent specs with advanced fishing system capabilities. If your serious about fishing you don’t want to be without Side Imaging technology.

Side Imaging technology allows you to see 480 feet side to side from your boat (240 feet on each side). Each side of the boat has an 86º cone and a straight down cone of 60º. Together it covers the full spectrum of sonar. See the image below.

You can see fish and structure very clearly any where around your position. Imagine being able to see fish before you spook them off. Just cruise along and site cast based on the screens display.

Other Great Features

Freeze Frame – Pressing any arrow on the four-way cursor control instantly stops the sonar graphic display to allow a closer inspection of submerged structure, bait fish, and underwater contours. Movable cursor feature allows you to instantly discern depth of any sonar return and mark waypoints from the sonar screen for navigation. Pressing the EXIT key will exit the freeze frame and the display will start to resume scrolling. Mark the location of fish-attracting structure, bottom transitions, or any feature anywhere on traditional sonar with the Sonar Cursor.

Selective Fish ID+ Fish ID+ uses advanced sonar processing to interpret sonar returns, and displays a Fish Symbol when very selective requirements are met. When a fish is detected, a fish icon and its depth are displayed above the return that has been classified as being a fish. Three different fish icons represent intensity of the sonar return, and provide an indicator of relative fish size.

DualBeam PLUS™ equipped models represent targets detected in the 200kHz narrow beam as Orange Fish Symbols, and represent targets detected in the 83kHz wide beam as Blue Fish Symbols.

GPS Features

  • 50 Channel GPS
  • Trackplotting
  • Chartplotting
  • GPS Speed
  • Humminbird UniMap

Network Modules

  • WeatherSense (optional)
  • Wireless Sonar Link (optional)
  • CannonLink (optional)
  • InterLink (optional)
  • XM Weather (optional)

In addition, it includes dual card slots for maps and saving waypoints, as well as 3 programmable preset buttons to save your favorite views.

Quotes From Reviews Rate the 798 SI Combo At 4.1 Stars Out Of 5

You will find some reviews with 1 star because they can’t seem to get it to show detail on side imaging.  No doubt that they have a transducer problem, most likely not installed properly or a damaged transducer.

One review I read said he was disappointed because the transducer mount broke while running 44 MPH in 2 foot waves. Duh!

“Very easy to use, once the transducer is well located, the side imaging will show you unbelivable bottom detail. Great buy, should have got one years ago!”

“System worked really well from the get go. Very user friendly.

“The accuracy and screen resolution is terrific. I have found structure I never knew was there. I love it.”