Garmin GPS 76CSX

This Has been Discontinued By The Manufacturer
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The GPSMAP 76CSx Is one of the best hand held GPS units you will find for fishing because of the features it has.

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Plots Barometric pressure over time
  • Electronic compass
  • Load  Nautical Maps
  • Waterproof
  • It Floats
  • MicroSD™ card slot.

Watch the video below for a complete description of this unit

Why It’s So Great For Fishing

The 76CSx has a bright color TFT display which makes it easy to distinguish details on the screen in any kind of lighting. You can use the built-in electronic compass to view bearing information even while you’re standing still. The barometric altimeter tracks changes in pressure to plot barometric pressure over time. You can keep an eye on changing weather conditions. A falling barometric pressure triggers a feeding instinct for Bass. Once you locate a spot that holds fish you can store a waypoint over a the hot spot so you can return to the exact same location again at another time.

It’s compatible with most Garmin Mapsource products including BlueChart (Nautical Charts , City Navigator, U.S. Topo 24K, and U.S. Topo and Recreational Lakes with Fishing Hot Spots.

This GPS unit is especially ideal for kayak anglers because it’ doesn’t take up a lot of room, it’s waterproof and it floats. Whether you use it in a kayak or a regular boat it can store waypoints over hot fishing spots so you can return to the exact same location again.

Coastal anglers will love the tide information available for their chosen location. It also has built-in celestial tables for best times to fish and hunt, plus sun and moon calculations. You also get audible alarms for anchor drag, arrival, off-course, proximity waypoint, and clock.

Garmin really got it right with this model.

Quotes From Amazon Reviews

“The Cadillac of handheld GPS units”

“Excellent piece of equipment”

“Best Handheld Garmin Yet”

To mount the 76CSx there is a Ram mount made special for it. Get the Ram cradle model RAM-HOL-GA14U and the RAM-B-138U marine grade mount.