The Four Most Important Bass Fishing Tips You Need To Catch Bass Consistently

Every Bass Pro has them and they wouldn’t be pros if they didn’t.

The four most important things you need surprisingly have nothing to do with Bass fishing gear. If you acquire them you are guaranteed to catch fish.

The Four Most Important Bass Fishing Tips To Catch Bass Consistently Are:

  • Bass Fishing Knowledge
  • Field Intelligence
  • Confidence In Your Bass Fishing Skills
  • Experience From Time On The Water

When you combine these four things in your fishing arsenal you become a very lethal Bass fishing machine.

Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Bass Fishing Knowledge

There’s a lot to learn about Bass fishing. Actually you should never stop learning but you have to start somewhere. Begin with the necessary essentials.

Learn everything you can about Bass behavior and their habitat. Know why each of the four seasons requires a different fishing approach and each part of the country is different.

Study the different fishing styles, techniques and presentations. Get a good understanding of the Bass tackle and gear used for each circumstance.

Regardless of your skill level there’s always something new you can learn that will make you a better Bass Fisherman.

Field Intelligence

Field Intelligence is the research you compile about the body of water you plan to fish. It’s also the data you collect from each fishing trip. This information is invaluable to building your skills and success on the water.

You also need real time intelligence to keep current with the present fishing environment. What’s the weather situation and will it effect fishing plans? Has the water level or quality changed? All the daily and seasonal changes have some impact on fishing and how the Bass respond to it.

This information needs to play a significant part in planning all your fishing activities.

Confidence In Your Bass Fishing Skills

You have to get to a point where you have had enough success with your fishing techniques before you can be confident. Sometime this can only be accomplished through trial and error. You keep trying until you figure out what works.

Although some Bass anglers have a well stocked tackle box they may only fish with a few different lures. That’s because they have not acquired the confidence in anything else. Don’t let yourself fall into this rut.

There are so many types of lures, colors and techniques that it takes a lot of time to be proficient with them all. However, the more options you have mastered the better your chances will be to adapt as necessary to put more Bass in your boat.

Experience From Time On The Water

You’ll hear me say this over and over. “There’s no substitute for time on the water”. You can’t expect to hone your skills without it. Experience from time on the water is priceless.

Without realizing it, you will acquire many little subtleties and clues that tell you what to do and when to do it. It’s what gives the pros that sixth sense about Bass Fishing.

As you master these four important elements your Bass fishing experience will never be the same again. You absolutely will rule when it comes to finding and landing Bass.

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Randy Meyers