6 Ways To Fish A Zoom Fluke For Bass

Learn 6 Productive Techniques to Fish for Bass with the Zoom Fluke.

Zoom Flukes are hot baits to use on Bass. They're quite versatile and can be rigged in a variety of different ways.

The 6 Techniques I like for Zoom Flukes are:

  • Around Bridge Pilings
  • Shallow Grass Beds
  • Deeper Grass Beds
  • Around and Under Boat Docks
  • Shore Lines With Rip Rap
  • Flats with Timber and Brush
Zoom Fluke Techniques For Bridge Pilings There are three types of bridge pilings, open pilings with a shelf below the waterline, solid column support pilings above the waterline and column supports with open pilings. Setup so you are casting down stream to the pilings. Make several casts parallel to the pilings and work all the sides. If there is a submerged shelf expect to find the Bass on or around the shelf. Keep a close watch on your line because typically Bass will hit the fluke on the fall. Zoom Fluke Techniques For Shallow Grass Beds Read the rest of this entry »

Skip Casting Technique Explained

This is one casting technique you shouldn't overlook though because of opportunities to work hot spots for Bass that would otherwise be inaccessible. Read the rest of this entry »

Flipping And Pitching Techniques Explained

Pitching and Flipping baits allow a quiet presentation where the bait travels low over the top of the water to reach its target. Use this technique anytime around docks, vegetation, exposed branches or other types of cover that is difficult to cast to. Read the rest of this entry »