Why You Shouldn’t Fish The Alabama Rig

Alabama Rig Bass FishingBe sure to read all of this before trying out the Alabama Rig for Bass fishing. About the time you think the A-rig is your answer to the best bass fishing lure to come down the pike you could be asking for more trouble than it’s worth.

If you haven’t heard already this bass rig is not legal to use everywhere. Even though it just hit the market recently it does violate some existing fishing regulations already in place.

It’s not necessarily illegal until you set it up with baits and hooks. The reason for this is because you can attach up to five jig heads of your choice which could be more than your local regulations allow.  In some cases there are even different rules for different bodies of water. Check with your local officials first before you run into trouble.

The whole concept of the Alabama rig is to simulate a small school of bait fish. It isn’t really a new concept, it’s just new to bass fishing. This type of rig has been around for quite awhile known as an umbrella rig.

Once you know where you stand on the regulations you can think about setting up a rod and reel properly to fish with it. First of all think about a heavier rod than you would normally use for bass. Think about a medium heavy rod and think about spooling up with Power Pro or any other comparable braid line. Monofilamint line is out of the question; too much stretch. Depending on the total weight of their rigs most anglers are going with 80# to 100# braid.

OK so now you know why you shouldn’t fish the Alabama Rig without all the proper information. Read on for more tips to make them or buy them cheap.

Tips For The Alabama Rig If You Want To Build Your Own

Lots of amateur anglers are building their own rigs with readily available  off the shelf components. Here’s a video I found on Youtube.

In the video above he used surveyor flags but a better idea is to use the wires from a whisk. I don’t think you would have to deal with the rusting over time.

If you’d rather just order an umbrella rig from Amazon check this out. These are half the price of the same rig purchased from the original manufacturer.


This rig has taken the bass fishing sport by storm. It took off as soon as one of the pros won a tournament. When Paul Elias won the Walmart FLW Tour Open on Lake Guntersville this rig went viral. Every bass fisherman wanted one. Bait and tackle shops were selling out of braided line and medium heavy rods too. Manufacturers for the rig couldn’t keep up with the demand. It was crazy for awhile.

Of course you’re going to see the prices coming down quickly. Every lure manufacturer wants one of these rigs in their line up. They’d be foolish not to and I don’t blame them. More competition usually brings price reductions.

One last piece of advice before you start fishing this hot new rig. Even if you think you know the laws for your state be careful.  The fishing regulations that specifically deal with this rig are changing frequently.