6 Ways To Fish A Zoom Fluke For Bass

Learn 6 Productive Techniques to
Fish for Bass with the
Zoom Fluke.

Zoom Flukes are hot baits to use on Bass. They’re quite versatile and can be rigged in a variety of different ways.

The 6 Techniques I like for Zoom Flukes are:

  • Around Bridge Pilings
  • Shallow Grass Beds
  • Deeper Grass Beds
  • Around and Under Boat Docks
  • Shore Lines With Rip Rap
  • Flats with Timber and Brush

Zoom Fluke Techniques For Bridge Pilings

There are three types of bridge pilings, open pilings with a shelf below the waterline, solid column support pilings above the waterline and column supports with open pilings.

Setup so you are casting down stream to the pilings. Make several casts parallel to the pilings and work all the sides. If there is a submerged shelf expect to find the Bass on or around the shelf. Keep a close watch on your line because typically Bass will hit the fluke on the fall.

Zoom Fluke Techniques For Shallow Grass Beds

By now if you’ve been fishing for bass any length of time you know that Bass love vegetation. Scout the grass bed sometime when you aren’t planning to fish it. Get an idea in your mind where the edges are and the range of the grass area. For this technique I consider shallow grass beds to be anywhere from one to five feet deep.

The best time to fish shallow grass beds are early and late in the day. When you plan to fish it, position your boat within casting distance to the edge of the grass. To locate bass, make your casts to the edges, to open areas between the bank and the grass and into the grass area.

Once you determine where they are, concentrate on those areas of the grass.

Zoom Fluke Techniques For Deeper Grass Beds

Look to fish deeper grass beds during the day. Use your depth finder to scout it so you have a pretty good idea of it’s size, depth and location. Rig your flukes up on a jig head and make casts around the edges and within the grass area.

Probe it thoroughly with different patterns until you find the one that works for you. Be sure you allow the fluke to get down to the grass and work it much like you would a jig, up above the grass and down in it as you retrieve it in.

Zoom Fluke Techniques Around and Under Docks

It’s no secret that many Bass are taken around docks. The Zoom Fluke is great for this situation. Most Bass anglers just work all the sides  of  a dock which only represents a small portion of the area they could fish if they could cover the area under the dock.

Well if you take the time to learn how to skip cast you’ll be able to cover it all and increase your hook up ratio substantially. Skip casting isn’t easy to do but it’s the perfect technique to use when you want to get your fluke in under a dock or under other overhanging obstructions.

When you are working a dock, cover all the area around, under and in every opening. Don’t leave any water un-fished. This requires good casting skills and accuracy to place your fluke in all the prime spots around a dock. Be sure to get in close around all the dock supports.

Zoom Fluke Techniques For Rip Rap Shorelines

Bass love rip rap because it holds a lot bait. The method I like the best for rip rap is to setup parallel to the shoreline as long as it’s fairly straight. Otherwise if it has an irregular shape with points and curves you’ll have to position yourself to be able to cover it as best you can. By setting up parallel to the shoreline you are able to work the fluke and keep it in the strike zone as long as possible.

Regardless of how you have yourself positioned make repeated casts covering the area thoroughly and fishing every few feet of water. Cover the slope of the rip rap completely. If you get a strike pay attention to where it occurred in the water column. More than likely there are more Bass holding in those locations along the length of the rip rap.

Zoom Fluke Techniques For Flats With Timber and Brush

Depending on the area you fish this may or may not be available to you. To fish areas like this you just need to focus on the structure, whatever it is. Bass will always locate around structure. Make several casts to different spots close to the structure and move on. This is where your trolling motor earns the money you spent on it.

Experiment with different presentations. Try a fast retrieve, a slow retrieve and a twitch and fall to see what works. The Bass will tell you what they like.

With any of these 6 techniques you have to spend time trying them to hone your skills and develop a confidence. The Zoom Fluke is great for this because you can use it in so many different situations. See the link  below to Amazon for the Zoom Fluke in Watermelon Seed, my favorite color to use for these techniques.