Essential Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques

Are You Ready To Learn Essential
Bass Fishing Techniques & Tips To Target And Land Quality Bass Right Now?

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual is the Angler’s Guide To Bass Fishing Secrets Known Only to a Select Group of Highly Skilled Bass Fisherman.

Fishing for bass is as much a science as it is an art. You need a good healthy dose of each to fish at the pro level.

Not every bass angler has aspirations of becoming a pro
but every bass angler wants to catch more fish. Right?

Catching more fish consistently is where the Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual comes in. It takes more than the best bass lure to catch more bass. You first have to learn how to find bass or the hottest bass lures in the world won’t do you a bit of good.

As a rule of thumb, 95% of the bass are located in 5% of the water. Learning to fish that 5% of water separates the pros from rank amateurs.

Which one would you rather be?
Pro Level or Rank Amateur

You don’t have to answer that. I think we both know the answer or you wouldn’t be reading this.

My name is Randy Meyers and in my lifetime I have fished for over 50 years. In that time

I’ve had the opportunity to learn:

  • What sections on a body of water will hold fish
  • How to scout a body of water to determine where I will find fish
  • How to locate bass on water I’ve never fished
  • How to find a successful pattern that bass will strike on
  • When and where to use each type and color of lure

If that sounds like the kind of skills you’d like to have, I have a special opportunity for you. I’m giving out a FEW FREE subscriptions to my Pro-Bass Fishing Mini-Course. I don’t know how long I will keep this offer open so you’ll need to sign up soon.

In the FREE Mini-Course you’ll get:

  • The Pro-Bass Fishing Methodology
  • Hot Bass Fishing Techniques
  • Bass Fishing Lure Advice
  • Bass Fishing Rigs To Use
  • Bass Fishing Tackle Recommendations
  • And Much More Sent Directly To Your Inbox.

As an added bonus for subscribers I periodically release a limited quantity of my books at a special discount. As one of my subscribers you may have an opportunity to download a digital copy.

My book, The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual, is a package of all the best secrets I have accumulated over the years.

These bass fishing  techniques and strategies are killer.
They work like gang busters.

I can honestly say, it’s a good thing they’re not widely known or the bass population would be seriously effected.

It’s no secret if you want to learn some killer bass fishing stuff, talk to an old timer.

Bass Anglers Are Asking For Tips & Techniques For All Seasons

  • Spring Bass Fishing
  • Summer Bass Fishing
  • Fall Bass Fishing
  • Winter Bass Fishing

….You’ll Find It All In The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual

What About Big Bass Fishing

Big Trophy Bass are every anglers dream. I’m talking about bass that weigh 10 pounds plus. The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual comes with 6 free bonuses. One of the bonuses covers “Successful Strategies For Hunting Trophy Bass”. Trophy bass are completely different from your average Bass. There’s 6 key elements to hunting trophy Bass. And it’s all explained in the free bonus.

Tight lines & mega strikes
Randy Meyers